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Criminal lawyer in Tallahassee Joe Bodiford is Tallahassee's only criminal defense lawyer who is Board Certified in Criminal Trial Advocacy by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.  He has been defending people accused of crimes for 15 years.  His credentials and experience are top notch, as is his reputation for excellence in the courtroom.   A top-rated criminal defense lawyer in Tallahassee, he can help you.  Visit www.BodifordLaw.com for more information.

If you are in trouble, you need the very best in criminal defense - contact Joe Bodiford today.

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A criminal lawyer in Tallahassee, not only is Joe Bodiford recognized as an expert in Criminal Trial Advocacy by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, he is a Florida Bar Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer.  Only Board Certified attorneys can use the terms "expert" and "specialist" - if you are charged with a crime, you want a criminal attorney in Tallahassee who is Board Certified.

You are reading this because something very bad has happened - an investigation, an arrest, a criminal charge . . . any of those can ruin a person’s life.  Going through a criminal case is emotionally and physically stressful.  If you are convicted, the consequences can impact one’s finances, relationships, and career.  You need a criminal defense attorney in Tallahassee, now.

If you or a loved one is facing a criminal charge, no matter how small, it's critical that you hire a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer to expertly defend your life and livelihood.  Not every criminal lawyer in Tallahassee is Board Certified, so chose carefully.

A criminal defense attorney in Tallahassee, Joe Bodiford has handled thousands of cases and is known for giving his clients the very best representation.  He defends those charged in State and Federal courts, all over Florida.  Joe is a highly credentialed criminal defense lawyer in Tallahassee.  Joe’s prestigious career as a prosecutor in Central Florida gives him a unique insight into the various strategies used by the State Attorney’s office and United States Attorney’s Office - and how to deal with them.

Joe Bodiford’s Tallahassee criminal defense firm is up to date on not only criminal laws, but with the technology to efficiently and economically represent you.


Have you been arrested? Charged? Under investigation?  Joe Bodiford is a criminal defense attorney in Tallahassee who can help.  He has defended countless people charged with:


Anyone can be accused of DUI.  It is not illegal to drink and drive - its only illegal to drink too much and drive.  You may not have been "under the influence", but you were arrested anyway.  Criminal defense lawyer in Tallahassee Joe Bodiford has defended hundreds of DUI cases, and can help you with:


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Federal criminal charges are no joke.  The government has unlimited resources, and well-trianed agents and prosecutors.  Your only hope of survival is an experienced Federal defense attorney.  Criminal lawyer in Tallahassee Joe Bodiford has defended Federal crimes of every type, and can help you if you are charged with:

Joe Bodiford is a criminal defense attorney in Tallahassee, serving all of North and Central Florida.  He defends cases in both State and Federal courts.