Domestic violence defense

Domestic Violence

Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges in Tallahassee

You are Fighting for your Reputation

Being convicted of domestic violence can change how your friends and family look at you forever.  If you have been charged with domestic violence, you need an attorney who knows you are not just fighting a criminal charge.  You are fighting for your reputation.? There are questions that you should ask yourself when choosing a criminal defense attorney.  Do they have a track record for success?  Are they experienced with the type of charges you are facing?  Are you going to be treated with respect throughout the process?  Will your attorney make you feel comfortable asking questions during the course of your case?

You should feel confident that your attorney is on your side and will defend you vigorously.  For your free consultation, contact our office today.  We serve clients in Tallahassee and throughout the North Florida area.

False Charges are Unfortunately Fairly Common

Sometimes when people are getting divorced or are in the midst of challenging child custody proceedings that are not going their way, they make domestic violence charges against the other person. Whether they are being strategic or are just desperate, false charges are unfortunately fairly common. In addition, sometimes domestic violence charges are made as the result of a genuine misunderstanding. For example, if a third party bystander witnesses something that they misinterpret and calls the police on their own, that can result in a domestic violence charge.

Even if you and the alleged victim agree that charges should not have been made, however, there is a specific process that must be followed in order to have charges dropped. If this is your situation, then we can reach out to the state attorney’s office before your first appearance (also called an advisory hearing) to determine the best course of action. While having the charges dropped is the best possible outcome, we are also prepared to defend you all the way through trial if necessary.

Domestic Violence Penalties

In the state of Florida, penalties for a domestic violence conviction can be harsh. You may be facing consequences including:

  • Minimum mandatory Jail time
  • Expensive fines
  • A mandatory 26-29 week batterers program
  • Loss of custody or increased alimony payments
  • Loss of your right to bear arms (second amendment rights) or carry a concealed weapon
  • Deportation, denial of naturalization, or loss of work visa eligibility (for non-citizens)

If you are facing domestic violence charges in Tallahassee or throughout North Florida, you should contact our office for a free consultation as soon as possible.  The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes to construct the strongest possible defense and the more options are no longer available to you.  Now is not the time to procrastinate.  Contact our office today.