Murder and violent crimes defense

Defending violent crimes

Battery . . . assault . . . murder . . . These crimes require a very different approach than a paper "white-collar" crime.  The stakes are higher - punishments for crimes against persons often carry a harsher punishment than cases of theft or fraud.  Accusers (I do not use the term "victim") are often out for payback - whether rightfully so, or not.  Prosecutors and judges are harder on violent crimes because of the personal nature of the crime.

Tallahassee violent crime defense attorney

When looking for a Tallahassee defense lawyer who can handle a violent crime, you need to know some important things about that attorney.  Ask:

  • How many violent crime cases have you handled?
  • How many trials have you defended someone in for a violent crime charge?
  • What do you do to prepare the case and prepare me for the trial?
  • Does the case even have to go to trial, and how can we prevent there being a trial?

Violent crime defense

At Bodiford Law, we have handled countless violent crime cases.  We have worked on everything from a battery occurring on a paintball field, all the way to a double execution-style murder . . . and everything in between.

Joe Bodiford relies on several things in preparing your defense.  First and foremost, his vast experience as a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer.  His abilities in the courtroom give you the leverage you need to even the playing field.  If your life and liberty is at stake, you have to have a Tallahassee criminal defense lawyer who is not afraid to go all the way to defend you.

Joe also relies on preparation.  Preparation is not just reading the police reports.  Preparation is knowing the case intimately . . . going to the scene, interviewing favorable witnesses, using investigators to uncover evidence to support your defense.  

Without preparation, expereience only gets you so far.  Experience is nothing without preparation.  The two together is what gives you the best defense to a violent crime.

Contact Joe Bodiford today to schedule a no-cost consultation, to find out how we can help you.