Probation Violations

Tallahassee Violations of Probation & Parole

Have an Attorney on Your Side

People who have been convicted of a crime may be placed on probation, either instead of going to jail/prison or once they have been released.  Probation is a type of court-ordered supervision that requires you to make contact with parole and/or probation officers under specific circumstances.  You may also have to meet other terms and conditions, such as:

  • Weekly or monthly meetings
  • Random drug and/or alcohol testing
  • Firearm restrictions
  • Continuous employment
  • Required community service
  • And more

Given the nature of these restrictions, it is all too possible to be charged with a violation of probation – even if you did not intend to commit such a violation.  And because you have already been convicted of a crime, you have fewer legal protections in the event you are charged with violating your probation.  It is extremely important to have an attorney on your side who is experienced with these issues and who will defend you zealously.  If that’s the type of attorney you’re looking for, look no further than Joe Bodiford.  

Don’t Risk Suffering Maximum Penalties

Maybe you got a rough start to your probation.  Maybe something happened that wasn’t your fault.  However, especially if you already have two strikes against you, don’t risk suffering maximum penalties as a result of a minor issue or infraction. At Bodiford Law, P.A., we believe that no stone should be left unturned in your violation of probation defense.

Our goal is to start violation of probation cases by reviewing the original plea to ensure that you entered the deal willingly and with competent counsel.  If we find that wasn’t the case, then our defense strategy starts there.  We will also examine the circumstances surrounding the alleged violation closely.  Many times, we are able to argue that the violation was unintentional.

Substantive Violations of Probation

Technical violations entail some sort of failure to meet the requirements of your probation.  Substantive violations of probation occur when you are charged with a new crime.  If you have been charged with a substantive violation, you not only have to deal with the separate court case for your new crime, but the probation for your original crime could be revoked.

Having your probation revoked is a serious issue, because the judge then has the right to impose the maximum penalty for your original crime (often, jail/prison).  Even if you are found “not guilty” of the new criminal charge, the probation for your original charge can be modified or revoked.  If you are on probation, it is likely that you are already aware of the negative consequences that a conviction can have on your life.  Failing to seek qualified representation can put you at risk for additional penalties.  If you are in the Tallahassee area and have been charged with a probation violation, please call criminal defense attorney Joe Bodiford as soon as possible.